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All Android phones 2012

Due to the large number of Android phones released we had to split our list into years.

2013 Android phones
In 2013 Android smartphones dominate the market. There are so many models that, in order to keep the list useful, we will focus mostly on popular models from major manufacturers.

2012 Android phones
We are now well into 2012 and the list of Android smartphones is increasing fast, especially with high end devices like the Galaxy S3 and HTC One X. In order to ease your selection of the perfect phone for you we added a face to face comparisson page, where you can wiew side by side the specs of the smartphones you are interested in. It should be much easier to spot the differences there than in the large yearly table.

2011 Android phones
Things get better and better if we look at the available 2011 Android phones. And we smile even more when we check the specs and look of the forthcoming smartphones. We have now powerful computers in our pockets with dual core processors and brilliant display. LG Optimus 3D and HTC Evo 3D brings the 3D glasses free technology in our hands, allowing us to play movies and make pictures as never before. Motorola with Bionic and Atrix promise us a new internet experience, access and browsing fast as blink of an eye. The new king of Android phones is prepared to get crowned, the long awaited Samsung Galaxy SII is decided to take the phone industry into a new era. A lot of voices started whispering that the iPhone killer has born.

2010 Android phones
2010 was a great year for Android phones, with more than 30 phones available at the time the list was splitted and it's not even the half of the year. We expect a similar numbers of phones to be available in the second part of the year.

2009 Android phones
2009 was the make or break year for Android, we had some great phones, most from HTC, but also from larger manufacturers like Motorola, LG and Samsung. It was the year when people started to notice there is an alternative to the iPhone in the smartphone market.

2008 Android phones
2008, the debut year for Android only saw one phone, the G1, but the little (and ugly, let's face it) device was opening the road for the multitude of great phones soon to follow so we decided it was worh it to create a 2008 category just to honor this phone.


Comparisons (NEW!)

2012 Android Phones

2011 Android Phones

2010 Android Phones

2009 Android Phones

Most Popular Comparissons:

(54090 hits): htc one x VS samsung galaxy s3

(47871 hits): sony xperia s VS samsung galaxy s3

(21897 hits): htc one x VS sony xperia s

(2729 hits): sony xperia s VS lg optimus 3d

(2621 hits): lg optimus l9 VS samsung galaxy s3

(2614 hits): htc one x VS htc edge

(2185 hits): samsung galaxy s3 VS LG OPTIMUS BLACK

(1924 hits): samsung galaxy s3 VS lg optimus 3d

(1681 hits): htc one x VS lg optimus vu

(1638 hits): samsung galaxy s3 VS htc edge

Large image comparissons:

Galaxy S3 VS iPhone 4S
Samsung Galaxy S3 VS iPhone 4S

Galaxy S3 VS Xperia S
Samsung Galaxy S3 VS Sony Xperia S

Motorola DROID RAZR HD vs Samsung Galaxy S3
DROID RAZR HD vs Samsung Galaxy S3

Motorola DROID RAZR HD picture
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